Workspace membership

All current members of a workspace are grouped together in the member group ‘Members of workspace-name’. You can become a member of a workspace only by being invited by its manager or by another member who is entitled to invite new members.

If you, as a registered user of a BSCW server, are invited to a workspace you will realize this fact by the appearance of the new workspace in your home folder with the new icon attached. Additionally, new members may be informed by an invitational email message (BSCW will do this for you if you activate the respective option in the ‘Invite member’ form).

Your daily workspace activity report will also notify you of any new workspace that you have been invited to on the day before.

BSCW does not provide a specific function to decline the invitation to a workspace. If you do not want to be associated with a particular workspace, you have to remove yourself from the members’ page:

      Click the group icon members adjacent to the name of the workspace in order to have its mem­bers’ page displayed.

      Choose action  Access    Remove  in the action menu of your personal entry in order to have yourself removed from the workspace. To gain access to the workspace again, you have to ask another member to re-invite you. It is not possible to invite yourself to other people’s workspaces.

If you are not interested in a new workspace you may delete it from your home folder and destroy it in your trash: this will also end your membership. Only deleting the workspace is not sufficient: even if the workspace is in your trash, you will still be its member.


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