Starting the registration process

A BSCW server may or may not allow self-registration by prospective users. If a server has not been configured for self-registration, then only the BSCW administrator can register new users. The following description of the registration process assumes that your BSCW server does allow for self-registration.

The key to your registration is your personal email address. A BSCW server will typically get it

from you when you open the registration page of your BSCW server (on FIT’s public BSCW server this is and click [register first], or

from an already registered user who invites you to cooperate with her or him in a shared workspace.

When the registration procedure has been initiated by the provision of your email address, BSCW sends an email message to that address. This message contains a special URL which you have to open in your Web browser.

Opening this URL brings up a form where you fill in your user name and password. This form may be used only once.

Note: Read our recommendations regarding user names and passwords in the following two sections, be­fore entering user name and password. You may not change your user name once you are registered!

After submission of the registration form, BSCW is ready for your first log-in under the user name and password given.