Sending messages

BSCW helps you to send an email message to an ad-hoc selection of the members of a work­space:

      Click the members icon next to the name of the workspace to display its members’ page.

      Click  Edit    Select all  and/or the individual check boxes to select the members to be in­cluded in your ad-hoc mailing list.

      Click send e-mail (Email) in the multi-selection toolbar to bring up your Web browser’s mes­sage com­position form.

BSCW will already have entered the primary email addresses of the users on your ad-hoc mailing list into the ‘To:’ field. You may enter additional email addresses or select them from your browser’s address book.

For sending messages to members of one of your workspaces you may also use a BSCW in­ter­nal action. Depending on the configuration of your BSCW server, you can send email and/or fax messages. Here you may also use your BSCW address book for entering addresses.

      After having selected the members that you want to send a message to as described above, click on send e-mail (Send Email) in the multi-selection toolbar.

      The ‘Send Email’ form already shows the primary email addresses of the members se­lect­ed in the ‘To:’ field. You may enter further email addresses either manually or by selection from your address book that is shown when you click on one of the [To:], [Cc:] or [Bcc:] buttons. Enter subject and body of your message and confirm with [OK] to send the message.

      You may choose between sending an email or a fax by using the respective buttons [Send Fax] and [Send Email]. When sending a fax, you may also make use of your ad­dress book by clicking the [Fax-No:] button.

You may also send email messages to contacts in a contact list – provided that email ad­dres­ses have been entered for these contacts.

      Open a contact list and check the contact entries that you want to send an email mes­sage to.

      Click send e-mail (Send Email or Email) in the multi-selection toolbar to send the message as de­scribed above for members of a workspace.