Public portal page for anonymous access

BSCW folders allowing public access may be equipped with an additional portal page for anonymous access. Note that public portal pages must have been enabled by the BSCW system administrator by setting


in the BSCW configuration file.

The public portal page must be named index.html. The mechanism of index.html in a pub­lic BSCW folder is similar to the presence of a file index.html in a website directory: Whereas the members of the folder may use the ‘normal’ BSCW user interface to work on the folder, the anonymous user is presented with a different interface, i.e. the portal page index.html. This way, the actual folder and its contents are hidden from anonymous access. Anonymous users may not even be aware that they access a BSCW server.

Here is how you create portal pages in BSCW:

      Edit index.html to your needs. Relative links inside index.html may refer to objects in your folder.

      Upload the file index.html to your folder.

      Open the folder to public access via action  Access    Public Access .

      Anonymous users may now access your folder using the public addressing scheme in BSCW:


      As an optional extension, you may open the portal page index.html for anonymous up­load by including BSCW actions (e.g., ‘Upload Document’) so that an anonymous user may directly invoke these actions within the portal (see ‘Anonymous upload’ be­low).

Using the URL


will present the BSCW folder for non-anonymous users in its full functionality.

Anonymous upload

We will use the organization of a conference as an application example for public portal pages with anonymous upload. The prospective participants of the conference are to anonymously upload their contributions into a BSCW workspace.

The file index.html will consist of the conference home page, including links to graphics, documents, other HTML pages, etc., all stored and managed in your BSCW folder by the workspace members, who are to be thought of as the organizing committee.

To let the prospective contributors submit their papers and store them – invisible for the other authors – in the conference folder, you include the ‘Upload Document’ action into the portal page index.html (or into another HTML page in the respective folder) by adding a link like the following:


You may also modify the BSCW upload form to better suit your needs. Copy the BSCW up­load form (you may need to ask your BSCW system administrator for its precise location in your particular BSCW installation)


from your BSCW server and modify it to your liking; please make sure that you do not re­move or change the relevant HTML FORM variables. The following example (xyz_upload.html) shows how the HTML code could look like:



<TITLE>Upload contribution</TITLE></HEAD>

<BODY><H1>Upload your contribution to XYZ workshop</H1>

<FORM ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data"



<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="op" VALUE="addoc">

Select your local document:

<BR><INPUT NAME="files" TYPE="file" SIZE=60 ACCEPT="*/*">

<BR><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Upload your document">


Put xyz_upload.html into your BSCW conference folder so that you can refer to xyz_upload.html via a relative link in index.html:

<A HREF="./xyz_upload.html"> Upload document here </A>

Note that anonymous upload requires that anonymous access to this folder must include the right to add documents (see Publishing a folder).

Other languages

All available languages other than English may also be used for public portal pages. E.g., if you provide an additional file index-de.html in the portal folder with a German translation of the file index.html, anonymous users who have selected the German language interface for their browser will be shown the German version of the portal page.