Positioning a workspace in your folder hierarchy

You may action  Cut  a shared workspace and action  Paste  it anywhere into your folder hierarchy. This transfer of the workspace is not visible to the other members, while any transfer of ob­jects inside the workspace is, of course.

There is a default position that BSCW uses to place a shared workspace which has not yet been assigned a position manually: the top level in your home folder. BSCW places a work­space, to which you have just been invited as a new member, in the top level of your home folder – irrespective of the positions that this workspace has in the individual folder hierar­chies of the other members.

If, e.g. by inviting additional members, a folder B, which is contained in a workspace A, is turned into a shared workspace of its own (workspace B), the position of workspace B in the original workspace A remains unaffected for the members of workspace A. For the new members, workspace B appears in the top level of their home folders.