Mobile access

The mobile access feature was developed for mobile devices like mobile cellular phones and PDAs. As a prerequisite for the use of this function you need an according mobile device which allows mobile network access (e.g. via GPRS or UMTS). In case of questions con­cerning mobile network access or configuration of your mobile device, please consult your network operator or the manufacturer of the mobile device.

In principle, there are two different ways to access the BSCW server from a mobile device:

access via a WAP browser

access via a mobile Web browser

The functionality offered is similar with both methods, a simplified content representation being provided on most WAP compatible mobile devices. The proper choice of access method mainly depends on the capabilities of the device that you use to access BSCW. If your mobile device provides a Web browser, you should choose the access by mobile Web browser.

It has to be noted that the mobile access feature is an optional component of the BSCW server which may not be activated on every system. Please ask your BSCW administrator about con­figuration details regarding your BSCW server.

Because of the many different existing mobile devices and the varying technical conditions we cannot guarantee that the BSCW mobile access feature works for each and every such device.