Membership administration

The members’ page of a workspace lets you remove members from this workspace:

      Select the entries of members you want to remove and choose delete from the mul­ti-selection toolbar to remove the selected members from this workspace, or

      choose action  Access    Remove  from the member’s action menu to remove single mem­bers from this workspace.

As a side-effect, the selected members are also removed from any workspace to which they had access by way of being members of this workspace. All other workspaces, your address book and the address books of other registered users that may include the user names selected are not affected by this action.

The members’ page of a workspace lets you also invite additional members to this workspace:

      Choose  File    Access    Invite Member  from the top menu bar to bring up the ‘Invite Mem­ber’ form that lets you specify additional users of your BSCW server who are to be granted access to this workspace.

      Continue as explained in 4.4.1 Creating shared workspaces.