Managing your password

You can change your password whenever you want.

      Select  Options    Change Password  in order to enter your new password.

      Fill in the ‘Change Password’ form and click [OK]. Now you are asked to register with the new password.

If you have forgotten your password, you cannot access your BSCW workspaces any more – and, of course, you cannot change your password as described above.

For exactly this case of emergency, BSCW provides a specific procedure to assign a new password without having to provide the old one:

      Open the registration page of your BSCW server (on FIT’s public BSCW server this is and click [reregister].

      Enter one of the email addresses which BSCW has already associated with your user name (e.g., your primary email address) and submit the form.

      BSCW will send a message to that address, which contains the URL of a form that allows you to enter a new password.