Inviting communities to member groups and vice versa

In the previous section, we have seen that communities may be invited as members to another community, thus making them subcommunities of this community. In 4.5.3 Member groups it is described how a whole member group of a workspace may be invited as mem­ber to another workspace. As mecha­nism for these actions we use the address book which may contain entries for communities and member groups, and which in turn may be selected in the ‘Invite Member’ form using the ‘Choose from my address book’ option (also see Membership administration). You may add communities to your ad­dress book, whenever communities appear in a listing (‘Other Communities’ or the members’ page of a workspace with a community as member), by ticking the check boxes in front of the com­munity entries and selecting to address book in the multi-selection toolbar. Note that com­muni­ties that you create yourself are automatically added to your address book.

We may now ask whether it is possible to invite communities to member groups of work­spaces, and vice versa to invite member groups to communities. The answer to this question is generally yes, but the effects of these actions are not what could be expected at first sight.


Inviting communities to member groups

Inviting member groups to communities