Customizing the user interface

The user interface of BSCW may be customized in many different ways concerning pre­sen­ta­tion as well as functionality. For a number of system functions you may adapt BSCW to specific requirements of the tasks at hand, your personal work style and your proficiency in using BSCW.

BSCW automatically adapts to your browser’s capa­bi­lities with regard to the processing of JavaScript and style sheets and to your browser’s setting of the pre­ferred user language.

You adapt BSCW by setting your personal preferences and choosing your viewing options. Also, you may choose to use additional features for file upload or select a specific user inter­face language.

By disabling JavaScript, e.g., you may adapt BSCW in an ad-hoc fashion to a session using a low bandwidth con­nection while travelling.


JavaScript, style sheets and user language

Levels of proficiency

User preferences

Views on folders