Creating shared workspaces

You may turn any private folder into a shared workspace by inviting other users to share the folder with you thereby granting them access rights to this folder and to all of its contents.

      Choose  File    Access    Invite Member  from the top menu bar of the folder to bring up the ‘Invite Mem­ber’ form.

      Select persons to be invited and transfer them to the ‘Selected users’ field. You have three possibilities for selection, which you may also combine:

      type in email addresses or user names,

      choose new members from your address book or

      search for BSCW users and choose new members from the search result.

You may also remove entries from the ‘Selected users’ field.

Note: If an LDAP directory has been installed on your BSCW server, the ‘Invite Mem­ber’ form lets you also search this LDAP directory for users that you want to in­vite. Ask your system administrator.

      Enter a personal invitation message into the ‘Invitation text’ field.

      Specify the role which the new members are going to play in the workspace in ‘Invite new members as’.

      Specify in what ‘Invitation language’ the automated part of an invitation message should be sent to users not yet registered.

      Click [OK] to grant workspace access to the new members and to send off the invita­tion messages.

If you have selected or entered email addresses that BSCW has not yet associated with regis­tered users, BSCW will automatically send an email message to these addresses. This mes­sage, sent on behalf of you, is an invitation to register as a user of your BSCW server. The message will be sent in the language that you have selected, and your personal invitation that you have entered under ‘Invitation text’ will be appended to the standard text.

Note: The language that you select in this form for the invitational message will initially be used by BSCW as user interface language for these newly registered users if their browsers do not provide language information.

Instead of creating a shared workspace for several users of your BSCW server, you may also allow anonymous public access for your folder.

      Choose  File    Access    Public Access  from the top menu bar to grant read access to all objects in the folder to anybody on the Web.

These actions may also be invoked in the action menu of a folder as action  Access    Invite member  and action  Access    Public Access .

In your home folder you may create shared workspaces in one go: instead of first creating a private folder and then inviting other users as members, you

      select  File    New    Workspace  from the top menu. In the ‘Members’ section, the action form lets you specify the members of the new workspace. In the ‘General’ section you may also choose to have a contact list and a group calendar created along with the new workspace.


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