Contacting a user

In order to contact a user, you first have to locate the user’s contact details in the personal info page. Depending on where you think you could find the user, you could open your ad­dress book via  GoTo    Address Book  in the top menu or open the members’ page of a work­space by click­ing the members icon next to the workspace name. If you don’t find the user this way, you could conduct a search selecting  File    Search    for Users  in the top menu. In any case, you will be presented with a folder listing of user entries. Entries of the form

user-name (full-name[, organization])

indicate that detailed personal information including contact details may be available, while entries of the form

user-name <email-address>

indicate that no personal information has been made available.

In order to get more information about a particular user and eventually get in contact with this user,

      click a user name to display the associated personal info page, which contains the in­formation entered by this user into the personal profile. The section ‘Contact details’ in the personal info page (if present) lists the contact facilities that the particular user offers.

Instant mes­saging systems that the user uses are listed along with system icon and user num­ber or user id. Click the system icons to get in touch with the user via the re­spec­tive instant messaging system.

‘Directory services’ lists links to the services that the user has en­tered into the per­sonal profile along with a search key. Click the links to find out more about the user.

Depending on the configuration of your BSCW server, you may send an email message or an SMS to a user by selecting action  Send to    Email  or action  Send SMS  in the action menu of a user entry. Send­ing an SMS is only possible if the user has entered a mobile phone number into the personal profile.

If you want to transfer one or several user entries to your local computer, e.g. for use as con­tacts in Out­look, you may store them as vCard file (*.vcf) choosing action  Send to    vCard  in the action menu or vCard export in the multi-selection toolbar, respectively.