Communication and Awareness

BSCW users who want to get in touch with one another via instant messaging may enter their personal communication details into their personal profile. BSCW supports contacting a user based on these data from the personal info page of this user.

BSCW offers two awareness tools for finding out which users may be available online:

online status display – indicating the “BSCW presence” of members of a shared work­space;

user view of the event monitor – monitoring the activity of users listed in your address book.

To be kept informed about the events in your workspaces in a more online fashion than pro­vided by daily activity reports, BSCW offers two possibilities:

event view of the event monitor – displaying recent events in your workspaces;

RSS feeds on BSCW events – containing recent events in your workspaces in RSS format (to be read using the RSS features of cur­rent browsers or specific RSS aggrega­tors).


Messaging services

Online status display

Activity monitoring with the event monitor

Event monitoring using RSS feeds