Address book

Your address book helps you to store, manage and display the names of users, member groups and communities as well as email addresses of persons that you intend to invite to register or that you have invited, but did not yet register. The address book is an important basis for in­viting members to a workspace or participants to an appointment. Addi­tionally, you may use contact lists as a kind of workspace address books for maintaining contact information about people who are not necessarily users of your BSCW server, but are relevant in the context of a workspace.

The contents of your address book are displayed in a page that resembles the members’ page of a workspace. It shows the same structure and provides similar actions via identical buttons. Entries in the address book may be sorted by name and type. When sorted by type, the entries appear in the following order: communities, member groups, email addresses and finally user names.

      Click the address book icon in your instant access bar to display your address book page.

New entries in your address book come from two sources: (a) BSCW automatically adds the user names of all members of workspaces, which you are a member of, to your address book; (b) you may add entries to your address book manually:

    Create new entries:

      Choose  File    New    Member  from the top menu bar or action  New    Member  from the context menu to bring up the ‘Add Entries to Address Book’ form.

      Add user names or email addresses to the ‘Selected users’ field by typing them di­rectly or by selecting them from the result of a BSCW user or LDAP direc­tory search and confirm with [OK].

      If BSCW can associate a user name with an email address that you have en­tered, this user name is added to your address book. Other email addresses are added to your address book as they are; no invitations to register as a BSCW user are automatically sent to such addresses.

      Copy entries: new entries may be ‘copied’ to your address book from a members’ page if they are not already contained in your address book.

      Click the members icon next to the name of a workspace to display its members’ page.

      Check the entries you want to add to your address book and click to address book in the multi-selection toolbar or

      choose action  to Address Book  from the action menu of individual entries.

In addition to individual user names – and email addresses as placeholders – you may also add the names of member groups and communities to your address book and invite a member group or community as a whole to a workspace or community.

Entries in your address book can only be deleted manually; BSCW will not automatically re­move an entry that it has added automatically.

      Select the entries to be removed in your address book page and choose delete from the multi-selection toolbar. Single entries may be removed via action  Access    Remove  in the action menu.

These actions do not affect any other address book or the member status of users referred to by the entries removed. It only concerns your personal address book.

You can export address book entries in vCard format: select  File    Send to    vCar in the top menu, vCard export in the multi-selection toolbar or action  Send to    vCard  in the action menu to store the whole address book, selected entries or a single entry, respectively, as a vCard file (*.vcf) on your local computer. Such vCard files may be imported into local applications like Micro­soft Outlook.