Accessing information about a workspace member

The members’ page of a workspace lets you access the personal details that members of the workspace might have provided about themselves. Entries of the form

user-name (full-name[, organization])

indicate that such information may be available, while entries of the form

user-name <email-address>

indicate that no personal information has been made available.

      Click a user name to display the associated personal info page. It contains most of the information entered by this workspace member using  Options    Profile    Change .

Under ‘Folders in common’ you may have listed all workspaces that you currently have in common with the member shown.

The form section ‘Contact details’ shows the information that the member has entered in the ‘Com­munication’ section of the personal profile. You may contact the member di­rect­ly by clicking one of the buttons offered. By clicking [More Information] you can learn more about the respective communication service.

      Click the name of a member group to bring up the members’ page of this group.

      Click the name of a community to bring up the members’ page of the community (for managers only).

      Select  File    Send to    vCard  in the top menu, vCard export in the multi-selection toolbar or action  Send to    vCard  in the action menu to store the whole members’ page, selected entries or a single entry, respectively, as a vCard file (*.vcf) on your local computer. Such vCard files contain the contact information of user entries and may be imported into local applications like Microsoft Outlook.