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Chloroquine In Cancer Therapy A Double-edged Sword Of Autophagy

MINI REVIEW Autophagy—A double-edged sword in oncology Anja Apel1,2, Hanswalter Zentgraf3, Markus W. Chloroquine is an established antimalarial agent that has been recently tested in clinical trials for its anticancer activity. Abstract: Aside from its function in cellular homeostasis, autophagy enables cells to dispose of damaged cellular components and to recycle metabolites in response to cellular stress The anticancer effect of chloroquine may partially be due to its inhibitory action on autophagy. Cancer Res. Cancer Res. Currently, a number of small molecules that inhibit autophagy initiation (e.g., ULK kinase inhibitors),. Jun 28, 2019 · On the other hand, proliferation of BC cells was significantly inhibited by JQ1 treatment. (2013) “Chloroquine in cancer therapy: a double-edged sword of autophagy” Cancer Res. Jun 24, 2017 · Autophagy, a self-degradative system, universally arises during the treatment of sensitive and MDR cancer. According to current research, autophagy inhibition has been applied to a variety of cancer therapies, such as glioma, myeloma, breast cancer, rectal cancer, and prostate cancer . Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest No potential conflicts of interest were disclosed. Recently, it has been found that CQ induces cancer cell death through the inhibition of autophagy; however, the underlying mechanism is not. In spite of this, inhibition of autophagy in the clinic can behave as a double-edged sword because it can enhance or suppress cancer immune response. Cancer 124, 3307–3318 7. Pei Li 1,2,*, Rulin Ma 1,2,*, Lixin Dong 1,2, Luming Liu 1,2, Guoyu Zhou 1,2, Zhiyuan Tian 1,2, Qian Zhao 1,2, Tao Xia 1,2, Shun Zhang 1,2, , Aiguo Wang 1,2, 1. B€uchler 2 and Ingrid Herr1,2* 1German Cancer Research Center, Molecular OncoSurgery (G403), Heidelberg, Germany 2Department of General Surgery, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany 3German Cancer Research Center, Electron Microscopy (F090), Heidelberg, Germany. However, these chloroquine in cancer therapy a double-edged sword of autophagy complicated functions of autophagy in tumors remain to …. Chloroquine (CQ) is an anti-malarial drug, and is also known as an inhibitor of autophagy Dec 19, 2017 · Dual role of autophagy in hallmarks of cancer. However, when autophagy was suppressed pharmaceutically by 3‐MA, BAFA1 and NH 4 Cl, which are autophagy inhibitors, as well as genetically by siATG5, the inhibitory ability of JQ1 on cell proliferation was attenuated. Short chain fatty acids were initially reported to induce apoptosis (type I programmed cell death) in colon cancer. It was originally identified as a growth factor of T cells and mast cells. Autophagy was considered as a double-edged sword that might cooperate, aggravate, or antagonize apoptosis. Chloroquine (CQ), an antimalarial agent, is able to induce sustained endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress by functioning as an autophagy inhibitor. (Clin Cancer Res 2009;15(17):5308–16) The Double-Edged Sword of Autophagy Modulation in Cancer | Clinical Cancer Research. Debnath J. 2 and then switched to MAS buffer before permeabilization with PMP and OCR measurements with complex I, …. The present study investigated the interaction of zinc ions with chloroquine in a human ovarian cancer cell line. Sep 01, 2009 · The double-edged sword of autophagy modulation in cancer. chloroquine in cancer therapy a double-edged sword of autophagy

Dose Of Chloroquine In Malaria

73:3-7), it has not been reported that chloroquine promotes autophagy-related secretion. It is like a double-edged sword that can play either a protective or destructive role in cancer, by pro-survival or apoptotic cues. Cited by: 401 Publish Year: 2013 Author: Tomonori Kimura, Yoshitsugu Takabatake, Atsushi Takahashi, Yoshitaka Isaka Chloroquine in cancer therapy: a double-edged sword of Jan 01, 2013 · Chloroquine in cancer therapy: a double-edged sword of autophagy. Taking together CQ exhibits toxicity in a time-dependent manner since it is associated with autophagy inhibition that reduces the proliferation of cells, also triggering senescence and aging.. lular proteins that promote cancer in patients. Although autophagy acts as a “double-edged sword” in tumorigenesis , autophagy acts more as a cytoprotective mechanism in tumor therapy Apr 03, 2019 · Chloroquine sensitizes MDA-MB-231 cells to osimertinib through autophagy-apoptosis crosstalk pathway Brett Fleisher, Hardik Mody, Carolin Werkman, Sihem Ait-OudhiaCenter for Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology, Department of Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy, University of Florida, Orlando, FL, USABackground: Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a breast cancer …. The role of. 2. and DiPaola, R. cancer metastasis, and the inhibition of autophagy might be an effective treatment strategy for malignant cancer [12]. 2). S. Inhibition of KRAS, MEK, or ERK induces autophagic flux in KRAS-driven cancer cells via metabolic rewiring and activation of the AMPK–ULK1 pathway While mounting evidence suggest that autophagy induction enhances immune cell function, autophagy seems to operate as a tumor cells resistance mechanism against immune response. Chloroquine (CQ) is an anti-malarial drug, and is also known as an inhibitor of autophagy. Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest No potential conflicts of interest were disclosed. White E(1), DiPaola RS. Jun 11, 2018 · “Autophagy may chloroquine in cancer therapy a double-edged sword of autophagy serve as a double-edged sword in metabolic regulation of insulin-responsive cells versus insulin-producing beta cells.” Intermittent activation, on the other hand, may give some of the insulin response benefits of autophagy without …. This implies that if we understand when autophagy is a good thing and when it's a bad thing, it will be feasible to improve treatment or prevention of these diseases by manipulating. Dec 17, 2014 · Autophagy is a dynamic process, consisting chloroquine in cancer therapy a double-edged sword of autophagy of initiation, nucleation, elongation and maturation. Bergenstock MK, Murphy M. Author information: (1)Department of Geriatric Medicine and Nephrology, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka, Japan. For instance, these include the effects on the immune system and the onset of obesity. et al. Treatment of colon cancer cells with butyrate inhibited cell proliferation, promoted apoptosis in 79% of cells through the activation of caspase-3 and the degradation of PARP Autophagy has been found to buffer metabolic stress and may help in cell survival; however, inhibiting autophagy under conditions of nutrient limitation can restore cell death to. Mice with neuron-specific knock out of the core autophagy protein, ATG7, are viable but most go on to develop behavioral defects and eventually massive neuronal loss in the cerebral corticies 1 Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity / 2018 / Article. Since this property can in principle be exploited for cancer therapy, it is critical to understand the pathways regulating these events. The importance of autophagy in cancer cell biology. Recent studies indicate that autophagy inhibition could enhance the efficacy of antitumor drugs in cancer therapy [18,19] In particular, the autophagy inhibitors chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, commonly used antimalarial drugs, are currently being investigated in phase I and phase II trials in patients with glioblastoma and myeloma. To the best of our knowledge, no studies to date have examined the potential for CQ to provide neuroprotection in animal models of …. Cell, 132, 27-42 (2008). Article Sections. It is like a double-edged sword that can play either a protective or destructive role in cancer, by pro-survival or apoptotic cues. 6 days ago · Enacting the kind of travel and personal chloroquine in cancer therapy a double-edged sword of autophagy activity restrictions that China has would be much more difficult here. To confirm the functional role of autophagy during embryo implantation in mice, we administered the autophagy inhibitor 3-methyladenine and chloroquine to mice. View Article: Google Scholar: PubMed/NCBI. Unlike apoptosis, autophagy is considered a double-edged sword that depends on the nature and cellular context of the stimuli 16,17. The antimalarial drug, chloroquine (CQ), has been reported as an autophagy inhibitor in a variety of disorders, including Alzheimer's disease and brain ischemia.

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